Jeff Bohnert

Chris Andrews

Chris Andrews was born online and was built to save you time and money, he has good hands, and like a good neighbor he’ll always be there. He’s American by choice, rebel by birth. He just does it! He is quality that never goes out of style. He has innovation and solutions for a smarter planet. He’s the real thing. Life’s good and He’s lovin’ it! He keeps going and going and going and going, because you’re worth it. ® 

Chris is the Creative Director at Connect Digital Agency in Cape Girardeau. He is happily married to a smokin’ hot wife. He has two children, a 5-year-old little boy, and 1-year-old baby girl. He prides himself in living outside the box and constantly staying ahead of the game. There is no place he would rather be than in the ever changing, never boring world of digital marketing. He works as a consultant helping businesses navigate the tricky waters of digital marketing and understanding the importance of developing a vision, a brand, and maximizing their return on their advertising investments.

Chris Shrum

Logan Schlosser

Logan is an Account Executive with DSW Signs. He is the oldest of three and is very outgoing and hardworking but will slide in a joke whenever he can. Logan is very sociable and it’s not uncommon to find him talking to random people that he claims he doesn’t know, but somehow they know him!  Logan strives to be all that he can be and is always willing to reach out with a helping hand. Outside of advertising sales you might catch him doing yard work, helping on the farm or working on his honey-do list from his wife…. which always seems to keep getting longer! He is an avid outdoorsman and an aggie at heart. He loves his country music, especially Blake Shelton. Logan has been married for two years to his wife Lindsey and they have golden retriever pup named Daisy.

Evan Webb

Has a dog named Dog. Writer of songs. Favorite character from The Office is Dwight.

Joe Windeknecht

I’m the strong quiet type who always takes a chance to get to know people a little better.  I love running, Cardinal baseball, and spending time at Cardinal games.  HeHe!  I’ve spent 25 years managing people but probably needed to be managed myself most of that time.  I’ve been married 29 years with no children and I have a Miniature Schnauzer named Nickel who runs away from me as soon as I come into the house.  I can sell anything to anyone with my Southern Charm.  J

Tim Vollink

Ashlee Morgan

Boring section: I graduated from Southeast Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Science in Technology Management: Multimedia Computer Graphics (not sure why they can’t just call it graphic design). During my time at Southeast Missouri I undertook two internships; the first was as an intern graphic designer with Southeast Missouri State’s Marketing Department. Following that internship, I began another with Canedy Signs and Graphics. Before graduating I took a position with Drury Southwest signs and graphics. Here I work with the Head designer to create, primarily, billboards.

Slightly less boring section: I am in my twenties, married, and own a home. Okay, actually this is just as boring.

James Chiles

Bruce Smith

Bruce is the Sales Manager at Drury Southwest Signs in Cape Girardeau and started his career at Drury’s working as a Porter at the Ramada Inn way back in the early 80’s.  He has a wife of nearly thirty years, three kids and a mutt named Sunny!  He has been a sales executive at DSW Signs for more than 20 years, during which time he has amassed more than 280 clients and is known for his professional presentations and personable nature.  In the marketing world he really is just a cupcake, but he striving to become a stud muffin.  He picks up quick and has learned a lot from the mistakes of others who followed his advice.   

Debbie Schnurbusch